Dapp Central Cardano Stake Pool [Dapp] Launches With Dotare

The enthusiasm to participate in the decentralization of Cardano via independent stake pool operators is well known, but when that enthusiasm meets the technical challenges of emerging technology and even more emerging documentation, it is no surprise that existing stake pool operators are the ones helping new operators get up and running.

Dotare was no different, and as we became more proficient in the space, it became our turn to pay it forward and assist other SPOs get off the ground, starting with Dapp Central.

Dapp Central is known for its educational Youtube channel, which covers the latest news, reviews and tutorials surrounding the top projects in Cardano. Dapp Central’s founder Farid, felt it was time to get a deeper understanding of not just the technicals of stake pool operation, but the SPO community that relies on and support each other on keeping the Cardano network humming along.

“I was able to leverage their technical and community expertise to get everything I need to get a successful stake pool operational,” said Farid in his stake pool launch video

In less than 30 days of launching, the [DAPP] stake pool has attracted over 1M in delegation and continues to grow. We at Dotare wish Farid at Dapp Central continued success in educating the masses on Cardano and all their future ventures.

Delegate directly to Dotare’s Stake Pool