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Enjoy low fees, robust and secure infrastructure, all managed by passionate Cardano Plutus Pioneers at Dotare.

Start earning your Cardano staking rewards.

Ticker: DOTAR

Pool Id: 7cd510133850b195b1f989bc96c88d86203fe574806eaba169c78d41


Managed by Cardano Plutus and Marlowe pioneers with a security first mindset.


Built on scalable, redundant and fault tolerant AWS cloud infrastructure for consistent block production.


1% Margin + Minimum 340 ADA Fixed Fee, delivers high reward potential to delegators.


Epoch Rewards

Delegation to independant stake pools further decentralizes the Cardano blockchain, so let’s make it a little more exciting while we are at it.

Qualified delegators will have opportunities to win tokens, NFTs and swag from various Cardano ecosystem projects.

Extra Small Stake Pool Alliance

The xSPO Alliance has built a vibrant, diverse community of stake pool operators who work together to better the Cardano ecosystem and help smaller stake pools to grow. Learn more about the alliance. 

Cardano Single Pool Alliance

The Single Pool Alliance, SPA, supports a true and diverse decentralization through promoting single pool owner stake pools and educating delegates to make more informed decisions. Learn more about the alliance.

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Delegate directly to Dotare’s Stake Pool