To Go Far, Go Together: Dotare [DOTAR] Cardano Stake Pool joins the Cardano Single Pool Alliance

The Dotare [DOTAR] Stake Pool has joined the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (SPA). Together with hundreds of independant stake pools we contribute our resources to strengthen the Decentralization of Cardano.

The Single Pool Alliance identified the concern early on that ~100 stake pools control ~70% of the delegated stake. Furthermore those 100 stake pools are collectively owned by ~26 entities.

Using Cexplorer/groups you can see the centralized exchange (CEX) Binance has ~7.8% of all Cardano staked, while even Cardano centric players such as Wave @ 2.43%. Adalite @ 1.75%, Emurgo @ 1.26% have a relatively large concentration of the total staked Cardano.

In the early days/epochs of Cardano it is no surprise that few had the expertise, compute resources and time to support the fledgling network and we appreciate those that got the network up and running and kept it running until more of us could find our way to Cardano.

Now that more of us are here, we can do our part to collectively move Cardano further to it’s decentralization goal. We are proud to be amongst the 364 other pools on this mission to educate both current and potential delegates that where they stake matters.

Cardano was never accused of going fast, but for us to go far, we must go together, block by block with our independent stake pools.

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