Dotare’s [DOTAR] Cardano Stake Pool donates to the Journeymen Triangle

As Dads, the founders of the [DAD] stake pool think Dads are awesome! That’s why their mission-driven Cardano stake pool focused to help combat the fatherless crisis we face today in modern society. The DAD Stake Pool donated 10% of their profits to help fight the absent father crisis. Since the [DAD] stake pool retired after donating over 1.6k ADA, Dotare offered to donate $5 to the Journeymen Triangle for for every 1,000 ADA coming from delegators migrating from [DAD] to [DOTAR].

With the migration matching donation window closed, Dotare has completed the donation of $50 to the Journeymen Triangle. Thank you to all the delegators that participated and the founders of Dad Stakes pool for the continued inspiration to build on Cardano for the greater good.

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