Dotare’s [DOTAR] Cardano Stake Pool selected for TeddySwap DEX Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering (FISO)

TeddySwap is an open source decentralized exchange and automated liquidity protocol for stablecoins on the Cardano blockchain network.

Dotare’s [DOTAR] was selected by TeddySwap as 1 of 25 Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering (FISO) stake pools as a point of distributing the project’s token to holders of Ada.

The participants of TeddySwap’s FISO will be rewarded with 25 million tokens total (0.5% of the total TEDY supply) Each epoch of the FISO 2,083,333 TEDY tokens (approximately 2 million TEDY per epoch) are rewarded to delegators. The number of tokens an individual receives is calculated by a scoring system that approximates, every epoch, the percentage of total FISO delegation that their ADA equals.

The TeddySwap FISO will start February 4th and last 12 epochs (2 months). For more details on the tokenomics of the TewddySwap FISO, review their Fair Initial Stakepool Offering (FISO) article on Medium. For more information on the participating stake pools, review their FISO Stake Dashboard which also covers stats, rewards and white list for NFTs.

Delegate directly to Dotare’s Stake Pool