Dotare’s [DOTAR] Cardano Stake Pool selected for the Cardano Community Charity Coin ISPO

Cardano Community Charity Coin (CCCC) is a native token on the Cardano blockchain that serves as both a way to support charities and a governance token for CCCC’s Charity  Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) DAO. The Charity DAO is committed to promoting community-led donations and blockchain technology adoption by non-profit organizations.

The funds raised from fees will be kept in the treasury and allocated solely for charitable donations, as decided by the community through voting. This ensures transparency and accountability in the use of funds for the greater good.

The Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is a fundraising mechanism unique to Cardano which allows delegators to forfeit some or all of their Ada staking rewards to a project in return for tokens in a specific project. In this case, no staking rewards need to be forfeited, delegators simply need to claim their CCCC tokens from DripDropz, a common Cardano token distribution faucet service.

This ISPO will start from February 24, 2023 and delegates to select stake pools such as [DOTAR] will be eligible to receive CCCC tokens.

Delegate directly to Dotare’s Stake Pool