Cardano Delegation

Cardano Delegation


The open source Dotare Cardano Delegation Method leverages the Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) 30 to allow delegators to stake their ADA directly from any web application with a CIP 30 compatible wallet (web or mobile).

With over 10k downloads and being featured on Cardano Developer Tools and Cardano Essentials we are humbled by the interest and support of the community.

More Wallets, Less Problems

With the ever growing number of wallets available in Cardano ecosystem, supporting users attempting to delegate with them can be a challenge. Some wallets don’t even have the ability to stake to pools beyond the default pool selected by the wallet developers.

To get started, we have included the following wallets, but you can always add or limit the list to align with your project’s strategic alliances.

Putting More Trust in Trustless

Trusting trustless systems requires vigilance from the developers to reduce attack vectors and code dependencies where ever possible, while delivering an enjoyable customer experience. With this in mind, our team is proud to have achieved:

  • Minimum dependencies with just DC Spark serialization libraries
  • Client side transaction building to prevent keys from being passed to the server for processing
  • Limit of user data to only the staking address
  • Auto detection of previous delegation to avoid double staking fees for delegators

From Prototyping To Production

Multi-net flexibility is built in from the start. Select which networks you want to support with each wallet for easy testing of your apps. All primary Cardano development networks are supported:

  • Preview
  • Pre-Production
  • Mainnet

Flexibility Flex

Here are a few live implementations to get a sense of how you can make the code your own.

More Information & Download

Learn more about the technologies and organizations that made this possible and/or jump right into the code.

Support & Assistance

Consider delegating to our stake pool [DOTAR] if you are a fan of our work.

For assistance with implementing this functionality for you stake pool or project, contact us.

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