Lobster Coin ($Lobster) Royal Pool

Lobster Coin ($Lobster) Royal Pool

February 22, 2023 (epoch 396) – Ongoing


Lobster royal cnfts will act as a staking BONUS. They are the first meme coin to provide staking for the coin itself. The only prerequisite for your $lobster staking to begin is to delegate your ADA to a ROYAL POOL. The amount of ADA doesn’t influence the $lobster staking rewards.

NFT Requirements

There is a minimum requirement of 25 NFTs for the staking mechanism to get activated! Each CNFT held by any warrior contributes to increasing the return rate. (There is a max limit of 500 NFTs per wallet. You pick up your Lobster NFTs on JPG.store

The exact original formula is:

Rewards_per_epoch = $LOBSTER_HODLINGS * (0.005 + Amount_of_CNFTs * 0.00015) * 100% / 6

Calming Your Tokens

You are NOT forced to withdraw your rewards each epoch, as the will be held for up to one month. You can claim your rewards on Dripdropz.io

More Information

Delegate directly to Dotare’s Stake Pool