Supporting A Trail Blazed By Others: Dotare [DOTAR] Cardano Stake Pool Now Live

Dotare’s [DOTAR] Cardano Stake Pool is now live. This is Dotare’s first contribution to the Cardano community in supporting the protocol’s decentralization and security via its Proof-Of-Stake (POS) consensus architecture.

Holders of Cardano’s Ada can delegate their digital currency to Datare’s [DOTAR] stake pool to earn block rewards in the form of additional Ada. The total Ada delegated to a stake pool is the primary metric determining which stake pool should add the next block to the blockchain, and receive the Ada rewards. These rewards and then automatically shared back out to delegators in proportion to the amount they delegated. 

There are just under 3,000 Cardano stake pools at the time of this writing. While their operator locations, methods, motives and views are varied, it is their collective efforts that make Cardano one of the most vibrant and resilient crypto projects in the world. 

If you’ve already found a stake pool you found alignment with, don’t leave them, instead consider delegating a portion of your Ada to Dotare [DOTAR] with your non primary staking wallet or with Eternl or Typhon which natively support multi-delegation.

We’d like to close by thanking a few in the Cardano community that made this possible by softening the learning curve and blazing the trail ahead of us.

Hosky Token and the Woof Pool for leading Christopher Erckert off of centralized exchanges to a self custody wallet and delegating to a single stake pool operator for the first time.

On the technical side, Dorien Pine couldn’t have done it without everyone contributing and maintaining CoinCashew and the developers resources on

Delegate directly to Dotare’s Stake Pool