[DOTAR] Stake Pool

[DOTAR] Stake Pool


The [DOTAR] stake pool was the founding project that brought the founders of Dotare together.

Operating a stake pool was not only was a critical step to formally support and embed Dotare in the Cardano ecosystem, but more critically, a functional path to understanding Cardano at its core.

Infrastructure That Scales

We fully appreciate the diverse infrastructure that Cardano nodes can run on, from basement bare metal, repurposed game consoles to carbon free solar/battery configurations.

With Cardano still rapidly evolving we selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its scalable, redundant and fault tolerant  cloud infrastructure for the ease and speed of upgrading to support the latest releases, which can demand more CPU speed, RAM and Hard Drive storage space. Currently the infrastructure is as follows:

  • 1 Block Producer Node, 2 Relays Nodes
  • All running on R6+ servers
  • All running Ubuntu Linux

Financially Efficient

The stake pool primary objective was to gain a deep technical understanding of Cardano, the economics were selected to keep the pool operation cost neutral for us as operators and high reward potential for delegators. Currently the pool economics are as follows:

  • 1% Margin
  • 340 Ada Fixed Fee

 Epoch Rewards

In addition to running the stake pool, qualified delegators are also eligible for Epoch rewards which include opportunities to win tokens, NFTs and swag from various Cardano ecosystem projects.  Past rewards included:

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Support & Assistance

Consider delegating to our stake pool [DOTAR] if you are a fan of our work.

For assistance with implementing this functionality for you stake pool or project, contact us.

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